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Trial Ready Cohort in Preclinical and Prodromal Alzheimer’s disease (TRC-PAD)*

PIs: Paul Aisen, MD, Reisa Sperling, MD; Jeffrey Cummings, MD


Duration: 5 years

The Alzheimer’s Prevention Trials (APT) Webstudy is an online memory and thinking research tool aimed at accelerating enrollment for Alzheimer’s clinical trials, including the A3 and A45 Studies, by identifying and tracking individuals who may be at higher risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease.

The APT Webstudy is being conducted by the University of Southern California Alzheimer’s Therapeutic Research Institute and funded by the National Institute on Aging (NIA).

IRB #HS-17-00746

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Combination anti-amyloid therapy for preclinical Alzheimer’s disease (A45)

PIs: Paul Aisen, MD; Reisa Sperling, MD, Keith Johnson, MD

Phase 2

Duration: 4 year

Subthreshold amyloid (pre-preclinical AD) aimed at slowing Ab accumulation (A3)*

PIs: Reisa Sperling, MD; Keith Johnson, MD; Paul Aisen, MD

Phase 2

Duration: 4 years

Enrollment complete

A4 Open Label Extension*

The A4 Phase 3 blinded study is conducted in partnership with Eli Lilly

PIs: Reisa Sperling, MD, Paul Aisen, MD

Phase 3 Open Label

Duration: until release of primary efficacy results (end of 2022)

Pending Funding Decision

COG0202, A Randomized Double Blind, Placebo Controlled, Parallel Group Trial to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of CT1812 in Early Alzheimer’s Disease over 18 Months

Developed in collaboration with Cognition Therapeutics

Co-PIs: Susan Catalano, PhD, Christopher van Dyck, MD, Paul Aisen, MD

Phase 2

Under Development

Life’s end Benefits of Cannabidiol and Tetrahydrocannabinol Trial (LiBBY)

PI: Jacobo Mintzer, MD

Phase 2

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*Affiliated Studies utilize portions of the ACTC infrastructure, and funding does not come through the ACTC R01 from NIA.