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Anyone is Eligible

Phases Ib-III

ACTC works in collaboration with proposers to develop the project idea and submit grant for funding. Infrastructure includes expertise in study design and conduct, and full clinical trial management capability at our coordinating center and network of trial sites. Although ACTC Member Sites are invited to join each project, proposals are not required to utilize all 35 ACTC Member sites.  Projects may also select additional sites, where needed.

Review the R01 Announcement from NIA

How to Apply

Upcoming Submission Deadlines

August 5, 2019

December 5, 2019

April 5, 2020

Project Review

Proposals go through the following levels of review to assess strength of proposal and appropriateness for ACTC:

  • Project Feasibility review and scoring
  • Project Evaluation Committee review and vote
  • ACTC Steering Committee approval
  • Collaborative grant development and submission to NIA

The review and feedback process is approximately 8 weeks. Grant development timelines depend on the stage of the study and level of input needed to complete a competitive application.

For more information email:

Sarah Walter, MSc